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Rabbit Hole Day 2009

Dan Curtis Johnson:

Let’s face it. You’re in a blog rut.

Most of the time, you write about more of the same kinda stuff that you usually write about.

Maybe it’s your day-to-day life, the stuff you did. Maybe it’s topical news response. Maybe it’s short fiction. Maybe it’s re-linking random stuff you see on the internet. Maybe it’s LOLCAT porn. (I hope it’s not LOLCAT porn.) Maybe it’s here on LiveJournal, or it’s over on Vox, or Blogspot or Blogger or Blogblog or Postablogablowablog, or WordPress or Facebook or FacePress or FacePlant or maybe it’s just your Twitter account. It’s what you’re comfortable with, I know, I know…

…but why not try doing something different, just for a day?

Two weeks from today, Tuesday January 27th, is Lewis Carroll’s 177th birthday. Carroll, you’ll recall, wrote about a girl who fell down a rabbit hole and found herself in a place where all the rules had changed. In two weeks, on Lewis Carroll’s 177th birthday, you should do the same.

That’s right: the 5th Annual Rabbit Hole Day is coming.

When you wake up on the 27th, instead of writing about your usual work and school and politics and friends and news and stuff, experience life down the Rabbit Hole and write about the work, the school, the politics, the friends, the news, the stuff that you find there instead. Travel through time. Turn into an animal. Flee from assassins. Talk to your goldfish. Conquer Greenland. Sprout some extra limbs. Learn how to walk on water. Marry an insect.

Take a break from the Every Day and write about your Rabbit Hole Day. Your normal life will be waiting for you when you get back.

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  1. I love this idea. I did write a love poem to an insect once – perhaps I shall post it again.

  2. Hey, skimming this blog is like getting a daily report from a Badger Hole.

    That’s why I keep reading it.

  3. Illogic Illogic

    I did a tribute to Hunter S. Thompson on my blog once. Might as well do one for Lewis Carroll too. If I remember it, that is.
    I do write about a lot of crap though, so I’m not sure I need more variety as much as I need people insane enough to read it.

  4. I do tend to go all over the place when it comes to my stuff, but I’m definately going to think hard on something to put in. Maybe I’ll go all the way like Carrol and get me some mushrooms. :D

  5. Michael Michael

    …wherein Warren Ellis writes about responsible parenting, choosing the right mutual fund and the benefits of sobriety.

  6. kris kris

    hell yeah.

    I’m sorry I missed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Annual Rabiit Hole Day.

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  8. Will everyone be doing this again this year?

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