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Steampunk Is Bad For You

Jane Irwin:

As many of you know, I make Steampunk Jewelry for fun and sometimes profit. I buy old watch parts off of eBay, glue them together into new and interesting shapes, and make them into pins and necklaces and earrings. Back in October, I won an auction that contained a bunch of old military watch faces. When they arrived, I looked them over, and after fiddling with them for a bit, and even preparing some of them to be made into jewelry, I noticed that several of them had greenish paint on their numerals. Huh, I thought. I’ll bet that’s the infamous radium paint I’ve heard so much about…

…which lead directly to Geiger counters, Radiation Safety Officers and concerns about earlobe cancer….

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  1. Is it wrong that I really want some radioactive steampunk jewellery now? Shame I’m not the jewellery type, I’ve lost any of it I ever owned within days with the exception of a glow in the dark plastic skull ring I had as a kid.

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