13 Responses to “Please Remember Those Of Us Not Fortunate Enough To Get A Decent Meal On Xmas Day”

  1. Just like Mom used to say: “You better eat your meal young man, because there are starving ladies at beauty pageants in China eating scorpions that would kill for those fish sticks.”

  2. Hot

  3. I should have known better than to click on this expecting something sentimental.

  4. That is apparently “Thailand’s Scorpion Queen, Kanchana Kaetkaew” who just set a record of “two minutes and three seconds with a venomous scorpion in her mouth”. Now she goes into a glass box with 5000 of them for an attempt at a record 33 days: http://news.asiaone.com/News/Latest%2BNews/Asia/Story/A1Story20081223-109889.html

  5. Well… that´s actually kinda very hot! Video?

  6. Somehow I don’t like this picture. But I guess everybody has a different fetish.

  7. You know she’s gonna become a super villain, right?

  8. I can’t look away…

  9. totally flashing on that scene in War, Inc. now.

  10. This is the whole internet’s new fetish.

  11. tell me she was born a man. that would be the sweetest icing.

  12. British cooking is so weird.

  13. I love Scorpions! I got one tattooed on my arm. That’s cool! Thanks, Uncle Warren! And a Happy X-Mas to you too in Sunny Albion. From the Keepers of Hope in the USA,