I Am A Little Concerned

December 18th, 2008 | comics talk, people I know

I am a little concerned that I have turned into some kind of floating webcomics character/meme.

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  1. You cannot tell me that you would not own three robotic nurses with arse-eel action

  2. It could be worse. Ghastly could be drawing yaoi fanart starring you. He already started on Alan Moore.

  3. Victim of your own success, it seems. Start an internet church, folks start worshiping, eventually you wind up with blasphemers. And just like the dusty old book-based faiths, the heretics are persecuted for speaking the truth.

  4. Yes, you have. You are no longer a scary British writer, you are a cute webcomic meme now. Next up, Warren Ellis on LolCats.

  5. Hmmm… The exact same thing happened to Spider, didn’t it? Talk about fictional characters wearing realsuits. :-)

  6. Are you really surprised?

    If Jesus Christ Superstar can be made, NO messiah is safe.

  7. Ah..that’s so cute! then really disturbing.

  8. It’s a wonder it didn’t happen sooner when you think about it.

  9. People seems to enjoy making comics about those who create comics. I found this one about Neil Gaiman for instance:
    And then I found this interview (I suspect they ambushed you at the pub or something) you did with some blog here:
    I also like the fact that it was a “non-exclusive” interview. It further supports my theory that you where just shouting things at a bunch of people close by.

  10. I also had to go look at what Adam was talking about. I’m glad I did:

  11. @KTXT

    You mean like this?


  12. And Warren, please keep your beams to yourself, the image was created in the name of public interest, I have not shared your lolzerz secret with anyone.

  13. @Illogic
    Doesn’t it just warm the cockles of your soul?




  15. My all time favorite creator appearance is the Alan Moore in Something Positive:


  16. Wait, weren’t you always? Warren Ellis is just a figment of the internet’s imagination right?

  17. Step one: make a web-strip
    Step two: reference Warren Ellis in said strip
    Step three: wait for him to blog you
    Step four: BE FAMOUS FOREVRRRR!!!!

  18. Well if you weren’t before, posting about it makes sure that you are now.

  19. @TheFirstBardo

    yes only more kittens

  20. The really disturbing thing is when parental types start spotting you online. I mean you, personally. Not you as in me….anyway. It’s my own personal hell when my father starts to develop some sort of weird fanboy man crush on certain authors. Thought you’d like to know.

  21. Our glorious leader cuteness doesn’t seem to lolcat well:

  22. Warren Ellis is a creation born from the collective consciousness of the Internet? We thought, therefor he is.
    Which would also explain the whole Internet Jesus thing when you think about it.

  23. Don’t worry, being an Internet meme is fantastic!

  24. I see Warren more as a consequence. This is what we get.
    I would then say “God help us all”, but Warren cornered God and made him watch videos of exploding anus pickle jars. God gave up and left.

  25. The Warren Ellis is now a meme:

  26. I THOUGHT that was referencing you. Couldn’t think of any other Warren the internet would be scared of.

  27. These the same eels I saw at wurzeltod around year zero? Was that you posting that link? Scarred me for life. In a nice way.