19 thoughts on “Oh My God”

  1. Of course, by now, His Majesty has dispatched liveried minions, laden with gold and silver coins with His Royal Visage engraved upon them, to the abode of the artist to purchase the illustration.

    Said illustration to be engraved in reverse upon the underside of, yes, a 16 ton weight.

    This weight will be kept in America, and will make public appearances only at San Diego ComicCon, suspended above the unwashed masses as they cram into the hall. Randomly, it will drop, crusing one or more of the rabble into colorful, slightly 3-D reproduction of the artwork.

    His Majesty’s robotic arm at ComicCon will affix the Royal Seal of Approval and the remains will be auctioned off to help pay for the daily Ellis supply of Red Bull and cigarettes.

    At least, that’s how the Universe SHOULD work.

  2. That’s pretty much how I figured it worked.

    Really, one day on Whitechapel I figure if I say something stupid, the screen goes dark and you jump out and kill me with the Cane of Beating Assholes.

  3. Oh good, I’m glad everyone likes it. I was worried that it might come off too snarky. I’m not the smartest guy in the room, but I’m too smart to bait Warren Ellis on the Internet, where he is king. Warren, you are of course welcome to use any of that in any way you like–I think my site finally healed up from the surprise attention, which occurred at the same time as a post from John Martz at drawn.ca.

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