14 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Almost Smile While Having To Work On A Saturday Night For The Ten Thousandth Time”

  1. That’s typical spanish…

    -Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was translated as “Olvidate de Mi” (forget about me)
    -The Sound of Music “Sonrisas y Lagrimas” (smiles and tears)
    -Die Hard “La Jungla de Cristal” (cristal jungle)
    -Highlander “Los Inmortales” (the inmortals)
    -Goodfellas “Uno de los Nuestros” (one of ours)
    -Sideways “Entre copas” (between drinks??)
    -Northern Exposure “Doctor en Alaska” no need to translate that
    -The Village “El bosque” (the forest)
    -Rosemary’s Baby “La Semilla del Diablo” (devil’s seed)

    And so on…

  2. Sprungli, let’s not forget that Lord of the Rings is “El Señor de los anillos” (The Mister of the Rings) and the Saw franchise is called El Juego Del Muerte (The Game of Death).

    “Winding Way” is an awesome title. Congratulations on gaining an international audience!

  3. That’s pretty great. I like the revised title.


    Actually, “Señor” is accurate. They refer to the Lord, as in the deity, as El Señor. I know this because I am a former Catholic and current Cuban-American :)

  4. Seeing that, I realised I only read your comics and never your novels…
    Is by any chance some of your books available in French?

    (Amazon.fr says “NO” but I’m a diehard optimistic)

  5. i bought it about a month ago (twitted about it) and actually started reading it today.

    i don’t know if this will be useful to you, but i’m not even twenty pages into it and i cannot fucking stand the translation. it’s awful and plagued with nonsensical, word-for-word translated lines. i’ll be passing it to some non-english-speaking friend and getting myself the uk edition.

  6. One thing that i always wondered about when devouring this was if the little crooked vein was referring to the whole situation on the book or to Warren’s writing style. (not little but very very crooked) ;).

  7. First of everything to salute him and to wish Merry Christmas for you and your family, and secondly to congratulate to him by this wonderful book that I have not been able to loosen I began since it. It is very funny and very crude, it loves me. I have made a commentary in my Blog by this book, if it desires leaves a commentary to him. Good bye and sorry for my bad english.

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