Next spring brings the launch of WIRED UK, a new stab at providing a "local" WIRED Magazine for God’s own country. This attempt involves the services of Ben Hammersley, whose CV is twice as long as mine or yours and eighteen times as mad.

And Ben Hammersley has engaged me as a monthly columnist for WIRED UK, with an editorial mandate of, well, writing about anything I feel like writing about.

This will be massive amounts of fun.

12 thoughts on “WIRED UK”

  1. Crapit. I swear on a stack of whatever that if you start giving out homework assignments then you will officially be named “Most Crazy Horrible Man in the Writing Industry”. If you aren’t already. This is, of course, said with the sincerest respect.

  2. Keep us posted. I’m going to have to both some of my British friends to secure me copies until i can figure out how to get a subscription in the States.

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