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  1. I hate you

  2. Warren Ellis

    Warren Ellis

    I will get someone to buy you one

  3. Sinistra


    ….. *puts on christmas list for EVERYONE*

  4. kate


    I like my penises made out of silicone and wielded by a skilled craftswoman.

  5. Thank you, for reminding me of that most fucked up video of theirs. Just when I thought I repressed the memory of that bastard (the guy in the video, not you).

  6. Thank you! With that thought, I am going to bed. Not that I have to worry about anything, thank God for my gender.

  7. E0157H7


    “I like my jars shattered.”
    Thank you, I’ll be here all week!

  8. Me imagino que es para poder tirarte a dos a la vez.

    Vision Thing amigos. El regalo ideal para estas Navidades.

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