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  1. Well Hell you gotta take advantage of that hard earned charity money some how…food…helping the sick…having a good time??? We have a winner! …I hate seeing this crap.

  2. Mr. Joshua

    Mr. Joshua

    I really keep trying to find hope for humanity, as futile as it sounds. You, Warren, make that terribly difficult. Now get back to work on freak angels, we’re waiting!

  3. Any word on their effectiveness when inhaled? I’m assuming (given the HIV rate there) that some of the recreational users have the disease. What if freebasing helped?

  4. RobotRevolution


    I’m onto your game, Ellis. You post ridiculous news to make us despair at the state of the world. Sinking into fits of melancholy, we turn to the only source of comfort we have left: graphic novels. Very clever…

  5. kate


    Ugh god this makes me sick.

  6. Dave


    Oh god. figures. Just when I thought Kitten Huffing was only a fad….

  7. rh


    That’s not so terrible. Now, if they stole them instead of buying them…

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