Don’t Look

December 5th, 2008 | researchmaterial

Someone called Julia, who plainly didn’t include her last name for fear of reprisals, sent me a link. It came with the message "I’m just sending you this because you posted that damned video of the couple fucking in the dead bear. Revenge is sweet!"

So, you know… I clicked it.

And it bears reposting, because it is instructional. People like the man in the video, you see, are all around you. Every day. Every single day, you bump into someone like this, and you don’t know it. You must understand the true nature of the 21st Century Western human.

It is here.

I am sorry.

73 Responses to “Don’t Look”

  1. Jeez–Did he live?
    That was sick, and I don’t mean that in the modern, “that was cool”, way.

  2. That Was Something Else
    You Make The Internet Cry
    Fuck You Old Man-Goat

  3. thats a messed up vid, thanks for posting that…or not.

  4. Possibly the worst thing I have ever seen. That crossed a line, which is impressive because I didn’t think I had any lines left. I don’t even want to find anything more horrible to retaliate with, I’m just going to try to forget.

  5. I…the….oww….my brain…

  6. Hi there, Old Man-Goat. I’m the one that recently sent the maggot picture, I’m sure you recall it. So understand how serious the next comment is:

    fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuckfuckfuck fuck
    What was THAT about?

  7. I hate you with fire.


  8. oh god damn you.

  9. There is just no way he got that thing out without surgery. Now, I am going to go lie down for a while and think about something that’s nice and fluffy and innocent by comparison, like nuclear war.

  10. I wish there was no room in my brain for that image. I…I wish I could just pour it out my ear. Is it an evolutionary trait for the human eyes to attempt to disjoin themselves from the sockets?

  11. My hatred for you is only balanced out by my cult like worship of you.




  12. I may have passed some sort of internet line I didn’t realize I had found, because while I find the whole thing mildly disturbing, I’m pretty much just laughing at the poor bastard who was stupid enough to do that in the first place. Thank you for making me realize how deeply disturbed I apparently really am.

  13. Sitting here. Reading Juliette. Saw your post. Amusing. In spite of the disturbing video, I’m still more horrified that there are people on Earth who own all the Spice Girls albums.

  14. Like Mike, I have to check myself into the “where did I go wrong?” line. At first I was mildly bemused at how hideously the whole thing was…and then I couldn’t stop giggling.

  15. You’re not sorry. You’re not sorry one bit…


  17. I will devote the rest of my life to plotting my revenge against you, sir.

  18. So much blood in the human body…..

  19. You know, I keep clicking on the “Don’t Look” links. I know that I shouldn’t, and every single time I do, I regret it. But I keep doing it.

    My therapist is getting a phone call first thing in the morning. Now I’m going to pour bleach in my eyes in the vain hope to burn that image out.

  20. jesus christ.
    that was so unintentional
    those guys in the ER will be removing a foot of his bowel.

    At least he can brag about his eating glass, backwards stunt.

  21. no. nonono. oh god no. and he’s, trying to reach up there. to .. to pull out the pieces. and. oh god, no. no.

  22. That. Was. Epic.
    The only disturbing part was that he did that whole thing without making a noise. The scars on this ass kind of point to the fact that he was fucked in the head before he ‘accidentally’ sat on a glass jar and broke it…

  23. I’d love to hear what the doctors were saying about that one.
    “Remember that time we used foley catheters and a suction cup to get that light bulb out of that guy’s ass without breaking it?”
    “Remember that time we spent five hours picking glass shards out of that other guy’s ass?”
    “I had almost forgotten.”

  24. @ Mike
    glad to hear I’m not alone out here in the internet wilderness. I’ve only found one thing I couldn’t finish watching so far and that was courtesy of Something Awful (series of pics about a selfmutilating girl with some serious anatomical knowledge)

  25. And now I find myself wishing he’d just shat in a cup and fucked around with it.

    Damn you sir.

  26. Oh, I get it! It was supposed to come out with hamster inside, right?

    It was a MAGIC TRICK!

  27. Each time you post something like this, a Jesuit school definitely closes its door.

  28. I didn’t even watched it in it’s integrality because I could not stand a full minute of this but I kinda regret it because I’m going to imagine awful things now … Damn you Warren Ellis … Damn you …

  29. This is like some of the stuff I see in my job – I bet he had an ‘oh so original’ story of cleaning in the nude or somesuch.

    Stick to bottles, they tend not to break so easily – metal deodorant cans are popular for this reason, but the best/safest has to be fruit preferably wrapped in a condom.

    I’m glad that there are people like him because it makes my job of cleaning up after such horrendous fuckups much more interesting…

  30. I thank the slight spoilers.
    They took away the curiosity and saved my brain.

  31. An interesting phenomena has occurred. I’m sitting staring blankly into space, those parts of my brain which handle emotion seemingly shut down completely, unable to process what I’ve just seen. I’m floating in a limbo of emotional deprivation. Hopefully, one day, I shall be able to laugh again, or even cry.

    Congratulations, Mr. Ellis; you’ve broken my head.

    I hope you’re proud of yourself.

  32. Hello, weekend! Jesus Christ ! drip ,drip ,drip !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. I have to say that I would hate to play poker with that man. Anyone who can calmly fish out shards of glass from his rectum surely has no tells. I don’t understand why people find this so digusting, I personally find humor in misfortune brought on by peoples own stupidity. Choose whatever lifestyle you want, but neither God nor evolution deemed for certain orifices to used for the feat this gentleman was attempting. That shit was great.

  34. Oh you, Warren.
    I am already drunk. Nothing can affect me.

  35. My asshole has not stopped hurting since I watched this.

  36. I think I’m going to watch this later while masturbating because, dammit, someone has to.

  37. Why do I never learn NOT to click? But I was ok until the glass broke … in complete fucking silence … jesus h christ. Fuck you very much warren :)

  38. Is this real? I only ask because I personally would be FUCKING SCREAMING.

    Anyway, I watched it all the way thru,not even cringing. I felt something break inside me, but i watched it.

    I kind of want to make others watch it now.

  39. ……yeah my room never felt as quite as when i watched that or my insdes hurt as bad for seeing something…i made my girl watch it…i could hear her thru the phone about to puke.

  40. I don’t like the way I feel after watching this and I’m afraid it’s not going a way…

  41. “I am sorry.”


    …No, you’re not.

  42. Research material? Research material?!?

  43. Now I know where babies come from.

  44. Oh dear god why do I always click the links?!?! I should have known it was going too smoothly at first: “oh yeah just another guy sticking a large cylindrical object up his nether orifice, nothing new DEAR FUCK IS THAT BLOOD?”. Yet another brainscar thanks to you, and I’m still getting the shivers. Jezzus.

  45. Dammit, Warren. Some of us out here on the West Coast are eating lunch. Sigh…not anymore. Were folks actually surprised by what happened? As soon as he started, I screamed “No…laws of physics…no!”.

  46. I’m writing this one off as stunt glass and stage blood. If it were real he would have either freaked the fuck out or developed an erection. Then again, this might just be Clive Barker conducting some research.

    But I’m pretty sure Warren will work this into some absolutely mind-bending nightmare scene in the sequel to Crooked Little Vein.

  47. i have no words….
    i’ve had a knot in my stomach the whole day since i saw it this morning…
    yet, i can’t help but laugh when i’m telling other people about it…
    no happy thoughts on this one…

  48. You know, people kid and joke about bleaching your brain and poking your eyes out, but I think that’s actually the first thing I’ve ever seen in my life that I truly wish I could UNREMEMBER. Well played.

  49. I don’t give a fuck what you post to try to wipe our minds, I’m still not forgiving you for that Brokencyde video

  50. I call bullshit. No way is the anus or any of the smooth muscles lining the rectum strong enough to break a glass jar. You would have to be very strong to break one with your hand. Besides, look at how easily it went in; not like it was pushing against any huge force. Now, maybe it was somehow set up to break and this was some sort of masochism thing, but I have never heard of masochists intentionally lacerating themselves internally. Far more likely this was some sort of stunt.

  51. i only made it to :32 and already my life is ruined. thank you ellis. i will never get that :32 back, i could have spent that doing something more constructive like, taking a shit, using my arsehole the way god intended! i hope there is a flaming toilet lined with iron spikes in hell reserveed for that horrible wizard-sleeved bastard.

  52. Life is no longer worth living. That was the most satanic, yes I said satanic, thing I have ever seen. O fuckin dog shyt. My brother just commited suicide. Wait no he didn’t. He tried to do a seppukeu but missed in his rash blast of fury.
    I hate u

    -death to all humanity

  53. […] make it more than a minute in, you are a sicker fuck than me. Ganked from The Wonderfully fucked up Warren Ellis. December 5, 2008 · Posted in assfucks, video   […]

  54. Wow. Is it bad that I got bored a little after the glass broke? My first instinct was “No Way…Really! WOW thats amazing!”. I laughed a bit once the glass broke, but then I knew what was next & got bored.

    Thank you sir for another new lifestyle exposure!


  55. I went to bed last night just before midnight and the image of his bleeding rectum was playing on a loop inmmy head. Around half past midmight I had to get up and neck loads of brandy to help me sleep. I woke up at 5.30 feeling like a lump of man sized beef jerky and guess what? THE FUCKING THING STARTED PLAYING ON A LOOP IN MY MIND AGAIN. This is not leaving my head ever, is it?

  56. yes.

  57. I viewed that little nugget back when you first posted it. Now, days later I still can’t get it out of my mind. I don’t think I can comfortably explain it to someone, even if I wanted to – even to a therapist. It has opened a can of question worms, all writhing about and preventing sleep. Sleep. I used to have that believing that most of the things in Crooked Little Vein don’t really exist other than in fiction.

    Scratch one naive optimist.

  58. The Worst Don’t Look Ever…

  59. He is silent.

  60. My soul is full of HATE
    But at least I don’t have broken glass in my anus.

  61. Wasn’t this in a Seinfeld episode?

  62. My computer actually committed suicide before playing this…y’know what, I think I’m going to trust it.

  63. Things like these have substituted Little Red Ridinghood as cautionary tales. A bit harder to generalise a moral of the story here though. “What might seem easy at first can often leave you with glass in the anus.”

  64. I haven’t seen this, but I heard audio–the glass breaking was more than enough to disturb the shit out of me.

  65. As if I needed any more proof that Jesus loves me.

  66. I treated this like a solar eclipse: I did not look directly at it, only at the image projected by the comments of others onto this white index card I’ve got here. So, I know what happened, but did not witness it, so I am safe while the rest of you are all kinds of fucked up now.


  67. I have to admit that was rather jarring.

    Part of an Al-Qaeda training video, right?

  68. Make it go away, please!

  69. Im glad i didn’t watch the whole thing, as soon as the glass broke I closed my eyes and pressed alt f4 but i still saw some blood :( note to self don’t
    stick foreign objects up anus ever.



    Am I the only person who missed this?

  71. You…almost killed my roommate with this…he swears revenge but I don’t know how he’ll do it with no eyes.

  72. Dude, wtf were you on to post this for other people to view? FUCK OMG FUCK NO…. there is no amount of theropy to EVER make this moment ok. I now wish to gouge your eyes out so mine will work again. There is no nonononononononnononononononononnono way in hell I am going to get over this. This is worse than when my friend made me watch 2 Girls 1 Cup…. this is AWEFUL!!!!

  73. Yeah fucking RIGHT I was gonna look. I didn’t the first time but kinda watched it with the screen half up, once I saw the first drips I was totally gone. Thank GODS I had the sound down.
    YOU SIR ARE DISTURBED-but not as disturbed as someone sticking a fucking GLASS jar up their ass. That is just…just no.