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Don’t Look

Someone called Julia, who plainly didn’t include her last name for fear of reprisals, sent me a link. It came with the message "I’m just sending you this because you posted that damned video of the couple fucking in the dead bear. Revenge is sweet!"

So, you know… I clicked it.

And it bears reposting, because it is instructional. People like the man in the video, you see, are all around you. Every day. Every single day, you bump into someone like this, and you don’t know it. You must understand the true nature of the 21st Century Western human.

It is here.

I am sorry.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    i only made it to :32 and already my life is ruined. thank you ellis. i will never get that :32 back, i could have spent that doing something more constructive like, taking a shit, using my arsehole the way god intended! i hope there is a flaming toilet lined with iron spikes in hell reserveed for that horrible wizard-sleeved bastard.

  2. Twix Mecka Twix Mecka

    Life is no longer worth living. That was the most satanic, yes I said satanic, thing I have ever seen. O fuckin dog shyt. My brother just commited suicide. Wait no he didn’t. He tried to do a seppukeu but missed in his rash blast of fury.
    I hate u

    -death to all humanity

  3. […] make it more than a minute in, you are a sicker fuck than me. Ganked from The Wonderfully fucked up Warren Ellis. December 5, 2008 · Posted in assfucks, video   […]

  4. chris chris

    Wow. Is it bad that I got bored a little after the glass broke? My first instinct was “No Way…Really! WOW thats amazing!”. I laughed a bit once the glass broke, but then I knew what was next & got bored.

    Thank you sir for another new lifestyle exposure!


  5. babymole babymole

    I went to bed last night just before midnight and the image of his bleeding rectum was playing on a loop inmmy head. Around half past midmight I had to get up and neck loads of brandy to help me sleep. I woke up at 5.30 feeling like a lump of man sized beef jerky and guess what? THE FUCKING THING STARTED PLAYING ON A LOOP IN MY MIND AGAIN. This is not leaving my head ever, is it?

  6. momo momo


  7. Kyle Bjart Kyle Bjart

    I viewed that little nugget back when you first posted it. Now, days later I still can’t get it out of my mind. I don’t think I can comfortably explain it to someone, even if I wanted to – even to a therapist. It has opened a can of question worms, all writhing about and preventing sleep. Sleep. I used to have that believing that most of the things in Crooked Little Vein don’t really exist other than in fiction.

    Scratch one naive optimist.

  8. The Worst Don’t Look Ever…

  9. Ginrummyryan Ginrummyryan

    My soul is full of HATE
    But at least I don’t have broken glass in my anus.

  10. Arjan Arjan

    Wasn’t this in a Seinfeld episode?

  11. My computer actually committed suicide before playing this…y’know what, I think I’m going to trust it.

  12. Things like these have substituted Little Red Ridinghood as cautionary tales. A bit harder to generalise a moral of the story here though. “What might seem easy at first can often leave you with glass in the anus.”

  13. I haven’t seen this, but I heard audio–the glass breaking was more than enough to disturb the shit out of me.

  14. As if I needed any more proof that Jesus loves me.

  15. I treated this like a solar eclipse: I did not look directly at it, only at the image projected by the comments of others onto this white index card I’ve got here. So, I know what happened, but did not witness it, so I am safe while the rest of you are all kinds of fucked up now.


  16. Robert Robert

    I have to admit that was rather jarring.

    Part of an Al-Qaeda training video, right?

  17. Oliver Oliver

    Make it go away, please!

  18. joe joe

    Im glad i didn’t watch the whole thing, as soon as the glass broke I closed my eyes and pressed alt f4 but i still saw some blood :( note to self don’t
    stick foreign objects up anus ever.

  19. Jesse Jesse



    Am I the only person who missed this?

  20. Owen Owen

    You…almost killed my roommate with this…he swears revenge but I don’t know how he’ll do it with no eyes.

  21. Justin Justin

    Dude, wtf were you on to post this for other people to view? FUCK OMG FUCK NO…. there is no amount of theropy to EVER make this moment ok. I now wish to gouge your eyes out so mine will work again. There is no nonononononononnononononononononnono way in hell I am going to get over this. This is worse than when my friend made me watch 2 Girls 1 Cup…. this is AWEFUL!!!!

  22. Almost looked Almost looked

    Yeah fucking RIGHT I was gonna look. I didn’t the first time but kinda watched it with the screen half up, once I saw the first drips I was totally gone. Thank GODS I had the sound down.
    YOU SIR ARE DISTURBED-but not as disturbed as someone sticking a fucking GLASS jar up their ass. That is just…just no.

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