15 thoughts on “My Adoring Readership”

  1. Ignore the moaning Warren. You might be a curmudgeonly old git but your freakishly talented writing is a much needed injection of intelligence into our jaded and bleak lives. Keep on being a very bad man :

  2. Ooh, mad libs!

    __(Person)__, you are a ___(Body Part)___. Your ___(Something that Person Did or Made)___ kind of ___(Verb)ed___ my ___(Noun)___. Good ___(Time of Day)___.

    I’m gonna go get my noun verbed right away.

  3. He’s right you know. You ARE a cunt. The most ingenious fucking cunt there ever was. And your comic books slept with my lesbian lover and took off with all our cash and our dog.

  4. Well that’s a fine way to say good morning.

    Was someone not held as a child?

    I guess I missed it, when did freedom of choice leave the room

    If you don’t like the book don’t fucking read it.

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