15 Responses to “My Adoring Readership”

  1. That’s either Yelena or Channon fucking with you…

  2. Yeah what the fuck. Why’d you have to go write a bunch of quality comics? WE WERE HAPPY WITH MEDIOCRITY WARREN YOU DID NOT HAVE TO UPSET THE STATUS QUO

  3. Warren you are cunt sometimes.

  4. Ignore the moaning Warren. You might be a curmudgeonly old git but your freakishly talented writing is a much needed injection of intelligence into our jaded and bleak lives. Keep on being a very bad man :

  5. Ooh, mad libs!

    __(Person)__, you are a ___(Body Part)___. Your ___(Something that Person Did or Made)___ kind of ___(Verb)ed___ my ___(Noun)___. Good ___(Time of Day)___.

    I’m gonna go get my noun verbed right away.

  6. That first sentence needs a semicolon.

  7. He’s right you know. You ARE a cunt. The most ingenious fucking cunt there ever was. And your comic books slept with my lesbian lover and took off with all our cash and our dog.

  8. how the fuck could it ruin his life?

    …….. was he raped by the x men or something?

  9. @Ninja Ross — I’ve seen entire convention centers filled with people who want to be raped by the X-men…

  10. Well that’s a fine way to say good morning.

    Was someone not held as a child?

    I guess I missed it, when did freedom of choice leave the room

    If you don’t like the book don’t fucking read it.

  11. […] one of the five most recognizable and compelling big-company art styles of the last 50 years. * this is naughty but made me laugh. * not comics: those of you in southern California might want to take note of this upcoming benefit […]

  12. you have a point, scott but maybe he was raped by somebody who is really good at using the x men comics in said rape…..

  13. You know, I’m really curious about how the hell he managed to get his life ruined by comics.

  14. same here. is there a full story?

  15. you are a terrible human being and I hope you die in a fire.

    I really liked Orbiter though.