First Pass At The Day

December 3rd, 2008 | people I know



* "A new calculation suggests testing everyone for the virus and treating those who have it immediately is the fastest way to eradicate HIV." In other news, water is wet and the sky is fucking blue

* More interesting, perhaps: it appears that memories may actually be encoded on "caps" appended to DNA.

* And there’s a patent application for a hurricane-killing procedure. I’m sure the illustration isn’t supposed to crack me up, but…


Also, my toes are cold.

3 Responses to “First Pass At The Day”

  1. The sky is blue?!? For fuck sake that is amazing! Stating the obvious is one of my favorite games…I can see you like it too!


  2. The AIDS thing–yeah, kinda obvious–had no fucking idea about the water part, though. That’s crazy man.

  3. you can patent shit like that? in that case, i totally have an earthquake prevention technique involving chewing gum. ask me how.