Apparently Amanda Palmer Is Fat

Via Melissa Gira’s Tumblr, I note that Amanda Palmer’s had to start looking for a new record label because her current one refused to promote her single, album and the video I showed here a little while back because, well…

Because she refused to let them remove shots of her “fat” belly from the video for Leeds United, and is therefore “uncommercial”.

21 thoughts on “Apparently Amanda Palmer Is Fat”

  1. Amanda Palmer fat? Just shows how messed up show biz can be, because if that’s fat, then I’m sure that you, me, and pretty much the rest of the world is morbidly obese.

  2. Good Gods, that woman is hot.

    Reminds me of what happened to Romeo Void back in the 80’s – very popular band but they couldn’t get a record deal because their very talented lead singer was too heavy for the labels.

  3. One more person chiming in along the “if Amanda Palmer is fat, then I’m the fucking Titanic” line. I’m also in full support of the sentiment that she’s gorgeous, and furthermore, I would kill someone (preferably a record exec) to have a shape like hers. Showbiz is insane.

  4. Beyond the assery itself, it’s sad that they’re trying to push a premade-image of her, when it’s how real and sometimes even downright crude she is that really makes her relatable. Her music wouldn’t mean nearly as much without that reality.

  5. If Amanda Palmer is fat, then my Evil Twin™ is going to bolt together a business plan to buy Dachau and reopen it as a slimming resort for supermodels. (You never know, I might be able to relieve some rectocranially inverted record industry executives of their pension stash.)

  6. Sweet leapin’ Jesus, she’s not only hot as a cracklin’ bacon pan but she’s skinny. Like, actually normal but a tetch skinny.

    I hope somewhere deep in my heart that there really is someone selling rich people soap made from their own fat à la “Fight Club”, because they deserve it for such deeply idiotic and wildly abusive notions of what a woman looks like. All this Kate Mossery makes me want to kill people.

  7. no one seems to mention the fact that her appearance (as perfect as it is to me) should have no direct correlation on how great her music is (as perfect as it also is to me).

    the record label should be ashamed.

    i worked for them years ago as a street rep and i quit the day they handed me an advance copy of some band called nickelback. they compared it to creed and said it should sell millions. i told them to fuck off.

  8. ugh, grim. That video turned me on to the rest of her music, and then the album, which is amazing, the best thing I’ve heard in ages.

    Roadrunner are scum for this, though I disliked them since I signed up for their “e-team” and was actively told to inundate radio stations in the US with email requests for bands I’d never heard or heard of…

  9. Oh, fuck. It seems that people at roadrunner has lost the plot. Well, they´ve got loads of other acts (I´m thinking slipknot) whose aspect is nothing less than ugly… well, maybe in a commercial way.
    Amanda is hot and they are blind.

  10. So, this is the label that was so instrumental in starting the extremely fertile Death Metal scene of the late 80s/early 90s and signed many, many other great bands along the way as well. Roadrunner, how they have fallen.

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