9 thoughts on “Never Mind”

  1. I catch this on YouTube and really like it though I do understand your point re: Phil. He should take heart that Bill Bailey already appears dead.

    I just hope we Americans never decide to remake it – I don’t think we could do it.

  2. He’s a lovely guy, by all accounts. But, I tell you, the two episodes I saw, he looked like he was waiting for the earth to just open up and claim him. Horrible.

    Also, the show is now being presented by a 14 year old.

  3. “Also, the show is now being presented by a 14 year old.”

    It’s not the same without Mark Lemar, he was the proper amount of evil for the show. Where as the fuzzy headed berk who does it now is just juvenile and annoying.

  4. Warren, sorry but the corbershot thing? Did you by anychance follow the link at the bottom of the wiki page to the “commercial”? I only managed about a minute, but it probably needs a look.

  5. Last episode that I watched they were making a lot of jokes about how no one was watching it anymore. I think the show is dying a horrible, slow death. I’m amazed it’s still going to be honest
    Kind of pointless without Bill

  6. NMTB nowadays is all about taking the piss out of semi-famous boyband members who have been told to endure it “because it shows you don’t take yourself too seriously”. You don’t see people having fun anymore. Gone are the days of Lamarr trying to talk sense to half-stoned Huey Morgan.

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