4 A Moment Of Silence

Again, a cheating static-image video, but I don’t care, because I’ve been looking for a copy of Boom Boom Satellites’ 11-year-old "4 A Moment Of Silence" for ages. It’s off what I think was their first record, 7 IGNITIONS, which, perversely, remains my favourite.

The bass is a bit dropped-out on this, but it’s not a bad copy.

4 thoughts on “4 A Moment Of Silence”

  1. i’m assuming you mean you’re looking for a physical copy, since torrents are pretty easy to find? at any rate, thanks for the tip, i thought their debut was “out loud” which i discovered when KEXP played “on the painted desert” on the radio one morning and i almost drove my car into a ditch listening to it because it was just that pretty.

  2. You are correct, “4 A Moment of Silence” is off the “7 Ignitions” double CD.(R&S Records, RS-98137 CD).

    For whatever reason, I picked this up, it wasn’t what I was listening to at the time, I put it on my shelf, and then 4 years ago pulled it back out and thought it sounded fantastic. The curse of being ahead of one’s time. This was a great little capsule of a good, experimental time (1997) in drum and bass/techno, when it was trying to grow up and figure out what it wanted to do next.

  3. Moment of Silence is really good BBS material I like “on the painted desert” more and really love the “out loud” CD. 6 years ago i paid an amazon marketplace guy 5 euro for the vinyl and CD doublepack, both never came, i was very gullible. To bad that the BBS guys last records are at least danceable but never reached the genius of “out loud” or 7 ignitions, although i have the feeling they never even tried.

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