God, I Don’t Know, Random Crap I’m Avoiding Work With

* Zofia Szeretlek:


* I’ve been giving Zoetica shit about having dyed her hair black all week, and should probably apologise in public for calling her "the devil’s whore" this morning. Probably.


* Totally missed this over the summer, just heard it today: Clinic’s "Tomorrow." I’ve still got "Distortions" on the shelf over here…

* New Kode9, with LD — the BAD EP is available on eMusic. A bit dancefloor for me, but Kode9 never makes a bad record.

* Finally — clothes of the future that repel dirt and water. What’s the first thing they think of to make with it? Fucking swimming trunks.

* In other news, meet our new microscopic biorobotic slaves. Looking forward to their robot rebellion. Get this bit: "They might even compete in biobot war games, trying to track each other down and making a kill by secreting antibiotics." Maybe they can pile the bastards up and make them do battle withplant-animal hybrids that run on solar power.

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