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A Random Snapshot From Here On A Friday Afternoon

It’s 4pm and I’m barely showing signs of sentient life. I spent the first couple of hours of the day pretty much resembling a pseudopod with an overgrown beard stuck on the front. If pseudopods have a front. Anyway. The point is, I can’t be bothered to sort, today, so I’m just going to empty out Feed Demon and see what’s happening…

Yeah. Okay. Five minutes later, I think I’ve stopped laughing at The Love Song To Zo, which I can’t quite bring myself to quote. I know the guy’s first language isn’t English, but I suspect that the sheer mentalism behind lines like "makes the hormones to neigh psalms" would survive a broader vocabulary.

Siege found this yesterday evening: "I was horrified. It’s a baby cockfight – just like somebody put two animals up to fight each other."

Incidentally, this was the first face I saw today, in email:


Took me a minute to remember that Mer had said something last night about getting tickets to a GWAR show…

Jamais Cascio was ranting on Twitter the other day about weakass "futurists" using Second Life for presentations and examples. That’d be the Second Life that becomes harder and harder to access and insists on fucking the paying customers it somehow manages to retain. Well, Bruce Sterling notes that Google has shut down its own virtual-world service, Lively, after barely five months in operation. At some point I want to find the time to get my own final thoughts about Second Life down.

What would you like for Christmas? A new species of Ebola turning up in Uganda? No. Well, please yourselves. How about a new species of dolphin instead? Excellent. Throw the tuna out of that net and bring it to me for lunch.

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  1. ThandraK ThandraK

    Mr. Ellis, I am, with great respect, going to pass along a picture of a cute and lovable kitten to you. I understand that you may be unwilling to look at a kitten picture, and even less inclined to open a Fox News link.
    Nonetheless, this is relevant to your body of work.,2933,455105,00.html

    Did Spider’s cat ever have a name?

  2. I will come at you on my pale light, drift into your chest, plow your thoughts and rest you in embers!

  3. Illogic Illogic

    For once I’m glad I clicked a link that had something to do with Fox News, other than the one about Anonymous, that is.

    Also: Thought plowing sounds like rough telepathic sex to me. We all know that’s what we’d be using telepathy to anyway…

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