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I don’t know where this has sprung from, but for the last week I’ve been fielding emails and MySpace messages asking me if it’s true that I’ve been asked to work on the American tv series HEROES as a writer. Even stranger to me is that when I dismiss it with "I don’t even watch the show" or similar, that’s somehow taken (three times now) as cryptic assent.

So listen. No, I haven’t been approached to write an episode of HEROES. In no way shape or form has there been any kind of contact from the HEROES production. I doubt anyone working there has even heard of me.

And, in case this turns into something, the reason I don’t watch the show is that, upon viewing the opening of the pilot episode, I realised it was going to be very close to a comics series called NEWUNIVERSAL that I was halfway into writing the opening six issues of. I don’t watch it because I don’t want to be creatively contaminated by it while working on a project with similar content and themes. That’s all.

Now that I’ve said all this here, you see, I can just send people the link to this post without having to type it all over afuckingain. Selah.

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