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For Novelists

There are five thousand people on my internet community Whitechapel, and many have money that they are not using.

Therefore, I invite the novelists among us to show off their books in this thread, in order to siphon the last of their cash away.

Invitation only applies to people who get paid for writing books and have publishers who sell said books for them. The last time I did this, the thread got inundated by people trying to tell me about their unsold and largely unwritten "novel" about the vampire sex pixies who live in Frodo’s bumhole or something.

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Apropos of nothing at all, I feel compelled to share this post from user brycemidas, because I feel sorry for him. Are you in the Austin TX area?

I am living in Austin, TX for the next month and have been busking pretty frequently for the last couple of weeks. If you live here and are a musician/cool person who likes beer and you see me playing come talk to me, I know almost no-one. I am generally playing mandolin and sometimes guitar, some of the time I am with a skinny guy who plays harmonica. I know you are here because I saw a guy with a Doktor Sleepless t-shirt the other day. Don’t be afraid, although I may look like a frazzled, grumpy, hairy guy playing Hank Williams, but I am really a friendly, frazzled, hungover, hairy guy playing Hank Williams songs.

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