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Your Doomed World

* Brain motor function begins its decline at age forty. NURSE! etc

* "Who is the woman whose genetic calling card has been found at more than 20
scenes of theft, assault and murder hundreds of miles and more than a dozen years apart?"
An apparently uncatchable female heroin addict has left a trail of crimes and bodies — and, possibly, less lucky accomplices from several different countries who refuse to talk about her — across Europe over some fifteen years.

* A deeply peculiar piece of video, I’m guessing clipped from a British tv documentary, purporting to be a record of an Italian priest abusing a disturbed child conducting an "exorcism."

A word to the credulous: Satan was a literary invention to give Jesus a villain. There’s no such thing as Satan. There’s no such thing as God. Jesus, like Barack Obama, was a politician.

* In other news from the world of magic, thousands of people have flocked to see the "return" of the now seventeen-year-old Nepalese boy widely believed to be the reincarnation of Buddha. Because having "supernatural" figures turn up and gather thousands of followers in a politically tense country that is largely without roads or telephones and which bends a knee to China by arresting hundreds of Tibetan exiles for exercising their right to peaceful protest? That’s always a good thing.

* On Monday, a 13-year-old girl became Iraq’s latest suicide bomber.

* Baby farms: where babies are bred for sale. Not making this shit up. Just as monstrous as you think it is.

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