Your Doomed World

November 7th, 2008 | researchmaterial

* Laurent Nkuda’s Tutsi rebel forces have driven 35000 people from their eastern Democratic Republic of Congo town of Kiwanja in order to "search" it after taking it from the Pareco Mai-Mai Hutu militia. Nkuda maintains that Pareco is backed by the DR Congo government. There’s at least a quarter of a million displaced people in play in DR Congo at this point. It’s an incredible, awful tangle of events, and worth reading up on. God knows I need to.

* Help the American Department of Defense create a pack of robots that hunt humans. No, really. Help the American defense industry design ROBOTS THAT HUNT HUMANS.

* Your Doomed Future:


* White supremacist groups are attempting to mainstream themselves in order to expand memberships in middle America. Hence the Keystone State Skinheads have become Keystone United, and Stormfront has reinvented itself as a social network system.


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