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@network 28oct08

* Eliza Gauger’s "Flee" now available at her Etsy store:


* This photo of Zoetica by Lou O’Bedlam reminds me so strongly of the fields I spend the ages of 5 to 7 in, I was seriously misty-eyed for a while after she showed it to me. Six years old and walking home from school in the summer; the path home looked so much like this, light and all, that I was struck dumb for a minute.




* Kelly Sue DeConnick interviewed.

* Jamais Cascio on the Googlephone.

* Also by Jamais: a helpful guide to Wil Wheaton’s performance in last week’s CRIMINAL MINDS:


* Bryan O’Malley publicly declares opposal to Rock Band, gets sent Rock Band by the developers gratis, loves it. NOTE TO ALL: I HATE WHISKY. ALSO BEER, DIAMONDS, GOLD, NEW DESKTOP COMPUTERS.

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