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Can’t Be Sure

Yes, I’m just wandering around YouTube in between bits of work. And tripped over this. The Sundays, "Can’t Be Sure," 1989. The full stop to a decade of indiepop. In one song, they just said and did it all, summed up that jangly breathy awkward sweet naive genre that was only ever heard either at clubs full of people wearing cardigans or on ghostly John Peel latenight wavelengths. "Can’t Be Sure" encapsulates and largely perfects the whole thing. After it, there was nothing to be done. Took some people a few years to get the memo, of course.

Their work done, The Sundays should have just ceased to exist immediately after recording. The people renting them the studio should have discovered that the cheque came from an account that didn’t exist, and that the band members’ names were on no system anywhere. Their houses empty, as if never lived in, and no record of anyone having met them…

(But they made three albums and then had kids.)

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