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@network 16oct08

* Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips’ SLEEPER is now being adapted to film by a screenwriter for Sam Raimi.

* Congrats to Sarah Sharp for getting her new photography show (opens Saturday) listed in Time Out New York among other places. Details in link.


* And to Molly Crabapple for getting a full page of her work run in the Village Voice.


* Eliza Gauger, debating a permanent move to Berlin, made… this.


* Kieron Gillen being amusingly incomprehensible on the subject of Z-list indiepop band Kenickie. (Who did at least give the world Lauren Laverne, who actually made her One Great Pop Record with Mint Royale.)

* Cheerful Jamais Cascio reminds everyone in the Bay Area that they’re all going to die.

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