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Talvin Singh: OK

You ever have those days when you just can’t wake up? I’m having one of those. Blood isn’t moving, can’t stop yawning, shit isn’t happening. There are some CDs I always save for the days when I can’t wake up. Flipping this one over in my hands just now, I realised that I’ve had it for ten years. 1998. Really doesn’t seem that long.

Talvin Singh’s ’OK’ was, in my head, the soundtrack for my comics miniseries TWO-STEP (illustrated so brilliantly by Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti). I’ve got something like four different mixes of this, but this is the one that unscabs my head, the "Heavy Rotation Radio Refixx". It may only be available on the "OK" CD-single. Play loud.


(Usual standards apply: mp3 is live for seven days only and provided for review purposes only, contact degaussing at googlemail com if you need it taken down immediately)

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