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Thorsten at Highpoint Lowlife kindly dropped off their new release the other day. Kwaidan is a project by Mat Ranson, better known as Fisk Industries. Kwaidan’s two pieces, each almost twelve minutes long, will cause most people to name Burial as a touchstone. I’m going to steal a term from Anthony Braxton to describe them: Ghost Trance. Braxton, in talking around his Ghost Trance Music, described it in part (interviews with Braxton about Ghost Trance are like watching a guy trying to screw fog) as "a sound that doesn’t begin and doesn’t end." And that’s an apt way to describe an often beatless techno-derived electronic music haunted by old Japanese films and the clatter of strange primitive instruments bubbling up through the floor of a contemporary studio.

The release page, where you can buy the lovely mp3s, is here. And below is an excerpt from the second piece, "Masaki."

Excellent latenight work music, Thorsten. Cheers, mate.


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