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The Wave Pictures

Literate, off-kilter pop seems to have become the mainstay at Moshi Moshi Records these days. I’ve particularly enjoyed a couple of inventive, funny and slightly creepy pieces by Slow Club. Yesterday, I found an EP called PIGEON by The Wave Pictures, and over the last several hours have become particularly enamored of the opening piece, “Long Island”. It reminds me of something I haven’t quite put my finger on yet: that easy, loping shoutalong rhythm that just takes the stress out of my shoulders and has me rolling along with it. Cranked up loud, it’s soothing to these old bones first thing in the day.

You can buy the whole EP on download directly from Moshi Moshi themselves.


(Usual standards apply: mp3 is live for seven days only and provided for review purposes only, contact degaussing at googlemail com if you need it taken down immediately)

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