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@network 9oct08

* Congrats to Caitlin Kittredge on selling YA fantasy trilogy THE IRON CODEX to Delacorte. Listen to this, and tell me that you don’t want kids reading it:

…a series set in a Lovecraftian industrial city in an alternate 1950s that centers on a mechanically gifted young girl approaching her 16th birthday, the age at which everyone in her family goes insane, leaving it up to her to unravel the mystery of their madness – and save the world…

* Matt Jones for Schulze & Webb on the "fanbrication" of near-instant, produced-on-demand products. Warning: switch brain to "On" for this one.

* Melissa Gira on How To Break Up Online. (Or: Don’t Fuck Obsessive Bloggers.)

* Thank you Moon Wiring Club for sending me your wonderful new long-player SHOES OFF AND CHAIRS AWAY. About which I will doubtless have more to say later.


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