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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-09-29

  • 1) I live in the UK, so have not seen this ad. 2) Seriously: if I were getting paid for a tv ad, you don’t think I’d’ve mentioned it? #
  • This doesn’t look a thing like me, you pack of wankers. There will be Punishment. #
  • Red Bull does not give me wings. It gives me a pulse. #
  • @Grymm but I have no nurses! The universe has cheated me out of nurses. I blame you. #
  • Sushi a la Tesco’s. Christ. #
  • One of my surviving tomato plants has murdered a celery plant in the night. I am baffled and a little nervous. Am I raising triffids? #
  • There goes the Dow, down where the dead men go… #

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