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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-09-25

  • Have written 13pp of comics and proofed an issue of X-Men. Am now going to bed with bleeding eyes. #
  • @laurennmcc – what’s easiest — explaining satiric/parodic intent to art students, or just locking the room & setting the building on fire? #
  • Thinking about getting myself a longbow. Hunt myself some long pig. Food prices are going up this winter, after all. #
  • @bclaymoore why the fuck are you reading fanboy comics reviews on the internet? Snap out of it, man. #
  • @humanadverb I’m actually not bad with a longbow. #
  • @JuanNavarro first time I picked up a longbow, I bullseyed at fifty metres. My innate Englishness gives me Powah #

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