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Paul Sizer’s BPM

Do you hear that?

That beat?

Of course you can. Everybody hears it. It’s the beat of the universe. It’s the sound our planet makes. You’re plugged in, whether you know it or not.

Question is: now that you know what the sound is, what are you going to do about it?

Paul Sizer’s been serialising his new music graphic novel BPM online while the physical book’s been printing in Malaysia. As I write, there’s something like 47 pages of the book up there for free reading.


Paul also mentions:

On a more local B.P.M. note (if you’re local to Kalamazoo, Michigan, that is), I will be having a kick-off author talk at the Kalamazoo Public Library on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, from 6:30-8:30 PM. I’ll be there with a ton of technology in tow, we’re going to shoo out all the old folks, plug in the turntable, spin some noisy old vinyl and do a proper "audio/visual graphic novel reading", DJ style! If you’re within earshot, I’d love to have you attend. I’ll have the new book there for sale, and I’ll attempt to show my beatmixing skills (?) by demonstrating the common ground between Nitzer Ebb and Michael Jackson to a live library audience. Should be a raving old time!

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