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@network 21sep08

* Saturday night at Laurenn McCubbin’s house, apparently. Cowgirl, you been in Vegas too long.


* Jamais Cascio:

Futurism — or, as I prefer to articulate it, structured thinking about the future — is a means of putting both the problems we face today and the solutions we might try in a larger context.

* Eliza Gauger and Qais Fulton of Ectomo captured by Angel Ceballos:


* Ben Templesmith got his first tattoo: a Templar’s Cross. (Chances are he’s related to the Knights Templar. Presumably via someone who stole a loaf of bread, had their knob sliced off and got shipped to the Down Under Penal Colony With The Giant Leaping Rat Things. One of my annual haunts, funnily enough, is Cressing Temple, the first land granted to the Knights Templar in England.)


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