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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-09-18

  • Richard Kadrey: “Time is a jellyfish, all gooey and full of stingy neurotoxins.” #
  • My head’s off in fucking space tonight, it really is… ? #
  • Ray Mears is my personal god. #
  • Ray Mears, the man who can whittle himself an entire hotel with hot and cold running water and robot concierge out of a bit of jungle. #
  • Ray Mears has a parang. He’s probably decapitated bears with it. And then made things out of bear heads. I want a parang. #
  • You wouldn’t mess with a man who served you dinner out of a bear’s head he’d turned into a pressure cooker. With a parang. #
  • @merbrat I do not do “memes.” I only tell the truth. Even when I lie. ESPECIALLY when I lie. #
  • @kellysue Child discipline? I stab Lili every 24hrs with parang made out of tin. She behaves & now also detects danger with “parang sense” #
  • @kellysue You are right. I am a natural nurturer. I should write a book. I could call it THEY HEAL UP JUST FINE EVENTUALLY. #

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