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SF Magazines: Format Shift

Okay okay OKAY I know I KNOW I said I wouldn’t, BUT: this just turned up in Dave Langford’s ANSIBLE email blast:

MAGAZINE SCENE. As of their December issues, _Analog_ and _Asimov’s_ will change from the traditional digest size to 5 7/8" x 8 5/8", matching other Penny Press magazines. Page count drops from 144 to 112, so that despite larger pages there’ll be some 4000 fewer words.

I think one can assume that somebody somewhere took notice of their magazines bleeding out and took some steps. There are economic efficiencies in standardising paper size across an entire publishing operation. That and dropping 4000 words of creative (thereby either cutting the budget or freeing up more budget money for more significant purchases) will presumably prolong ANALOG and especially ASIMOV’S agony over a few more years.

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