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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-08-12

  • @Gustavius you are a simpleton. Stab yourself in the balls with a can-opener immediately, and count yourself lucky you got off light. #
  • good morning human maggots give us a kiss #
  • People are actually complaining because Twitter will “only” let you follow 2000 people? What’s the point of following 2000 people? #
  • …of course, now I’m wondering if there are people I should be following who I’m not following. (Also, JJ? I love you but you’re nuts.) #
  • @moonandserpent well, yeah. I’ve always kept my list down to friends, fellow-travellers and other scum. #
  • @mrtonylee you just wrote a comic called MILF MAGNET. I don’t want people to get the impression that I know you. #
  • I’m SO glad you got a Twitter account, @mollycrabapple#
  • Condition: Brain Custard #
  • @foxtongue MONKEY flavour #
  • Loving this clip from Frank Miller’s new comedy softcore movie THE SPIRIT: #
  • Later on, Sarah Paulson, as sweet innocent Ellen Dolan, sucks off a donkey called WHORE that has been dressed as a leather nun. #

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