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BAD SIGNAL: Notes From The Day


* The Cure are doing an interesting marketing thing. "Their brand
new studio album will be released worldwide on 13th September,
with 4 consecutive, different single releases preceding the album
on the 13th of each month: 13th May, 13th June, 13th July and
13th August."

* How is it that those boring Scottish knobs Travis could spend
so long telling people "et’s aal aboot songgwriteng" and yet never
make a record that had an actual tune?

* Katy Perry = Avril Lavigne. Why does anyone care?

* Siege, at , uses a tumblelog
as a working notebook. It’s not just a dumping ground for his
links — as a photographer, he stuffs it with test images,
reference work, scans, video, pieces of text with meaning to
him and jotted thoughts. It’s an interesting approach for a
blog — an online notebook. You could almost consider it a
backchannel or shoebox to an actual blog. Getting a bunch
of creative people to do their notebooks, rather than their
blogs, would be interesting, and it wouldn’t just be linkblogging.

* I try to keep paper notebooks, but I always lose them.

* POD publishing is very interesting to me — or, more
correctly, POD-and-fulfilment. MagCloud, for instance, will
print your magazine and sell it and post it on demand.
It’s still too expensive, I think — especially since MagCloud
is Hewlett Packard who make the POD printing machines.
But it’s essentially virtual-office print publishing.

* And, you’ve got to admit, the idea of making a magazine
at home and then having someone else print and sell it
for you is pretty nice.

* Or is that just me?

— W

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