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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-07-30

  • I am awake. You may give thanks to your god. Also, wish a happy birthday to @cmpriest and @schulze #
  • In my head, I like to NEXTWAVEize films. In MOONSTRUCK, when Cher slaps Nic Cage? He explodes. Much better film. #
  • @davidsgallant in the NEXTWAVEized PASSION OF THE CHRIST, Jesus would have to explode on the cross, taking out the whole Calvary area. #
  • And then a horde of robot Jesusi would shoot out of a supraspacial luge from Heaven to have clanky sex with all the bits. #
  • Jesusi? Jesusoids. #
  • @kellysue if you mock natural law by giving succor to dogs, these things will happen. Also, how do you fit 2 gallons of puke in a dog? #

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