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Collecting Stray Thoughts – 2008-07-28

  • Humidity at one zillion percent. Need spacesuit, stat. Am about to brave oven-like outside world and dash to pub. Pray for me. #
  • @sicksaddaria (salutes) (CGI’d flag flaps in slow motion in background) #
  • My God, England smells like an open rubbish bag left out in the sun too long today. Which, in fact, it actually is. #
  • @davidmead Canvey Island is ALWAYS the punchline. #
  • Chilled German beer restores system. Restart with a shot of Tobermory. #
  • Someone has stolen part of my brain. I blame you. #
  • @cascio you stole the bit that ejects brain custard. Enjoy. #
  • I said BRAIN CUSTARD! #
  • One should be able to Frankmillerize films. By which one digitally removes all the dialogue and replaces it with the actors saying “WHORES” #
  • Bruce Lee in Frankmillerized ENTER THE DRAGON: “Don’t think… WHOOOOOOORES.” #
  • @wilw you are so going to Nerd Hell for that one. #
  • @dirtysnowflake I posited earlier in the year that ENTER THE DRAGON is in fact the greatest movie ever made and should be remade constantly #
  • This led inexorably to the concept of Daniel Day Lewis in MY LEFT FOOT OF FURY. #
  • Children Of Dune, Steven Berkoff: “Well! Then! I say unto YOU! Send! Men! To summon… WHOOOOOOORRRESSSS” #
  • Storm finally broke. The wind’s light, so I don’t know if it’ll reach London, but the lighting strikes look to be moving upriver. #

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