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A Good Day

Cleared check-in and security at Chicago O’Hare in five minutes total. It’s a gorgeous day out there. And now I’m in the BA lounge, catching up on mail for an hour before I board my plane home. Despite the really monstrous number of hours that convention business took — more than San Diego — this has probably been my easiest show in years. I’m sad that I didn’t get to see so many people — the hours really were insane — but I’m in better shape post-show than I’ve been in years. (Touch wood — Jacen Burrows did get a dose of convention crud, and I’m a bit sniffly today. You can bathe in hand sanitiser and still run reasonably good odds of catching something simply because you’re being breathed upon by a thousand people a day.)

Time for another drink, before I have to stand up and then go up and then come down. Time for another drink, take in the light, watch the big machines, and think.

Not a bad day.

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