On NO HERO #0 Numbers

This week (Wednesday in North America, Thursday in the UK), NO HERO #0 is released. It is the first, short chapter in an eight-chapter serialised graphic novel. Its retail price is one dollar. The idea is that it gives you a cheap entry to the serial — we figure that, since it’s only a dollar, you may be convinced to give it a try, and if you don’t like it… hell, it was only a dollar, right?

We just got the numbers on NO HERO 0. The initial orders have come in at 18000. That’s the same number we had for initial orders on BLACK SUMMER 0, a project on which we did the same thing. The reorders on that book were so massive that we eventually sold twice that number — and that’s before we did the special reprint book that contained 0 and 1 because the reorder action on issue one also wiped out the overprint (copies printed above and beyond the order number). So we did a 100% overprint on the issue 0 unit and still couldn’t meet the eventual demand.

NO HERO appears to be following the same pattern. Now, how does this affect you, the potential interested party who’d like to read it?

It means that your local comics store is likely to burn through their copies pretty fast on New Comics Day. Remember, 0 is the start of the story, the first chapter, the cold open before the credits if you like.

If you want a copy, let your local store know, or make a point of getting in there this week, because odds are that it won’t be there next week. Give them a call, drop them an email, stick your head around the door.

And if you get there and they don’t have a copy — you now know that Avatar have something on the order of 20,000 extra copies sitting in warehouses ready to be sent out to shops like yours whenever they ask for them. So don’t be afraid to ask your local store to order you a copy.

I’m making headway with this new wave of projects through Avatar — CRECY continues to sell at an absurd rate, and I found out today that sales on ANNA MERCURY 4 actually went UP, which, on the fourth issue of an opening five-issue serial, is unusual. (And I feel a little more justified about hiding the reveal at the end of the first issue now).

I could go into a rant about these books continually being underordered and stores having to meet double their estimated demand through reorders. But it’s tough times out there. I saw a retailer talking about cutting out midlist orders completely in order to stay afloat in the bad economy, not so long ago.

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