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The Chicago Appearance

On Friday June 27, I’ll be doing an onstage appearance in conjunction with the Wizard World Chicago convention in Rosemont, Illinois, by arrangement of Avatar Press.

The thing is happening at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center — we don’t have a room number yet, because the Wizard World staff will be basically taking the walls off a series of rooms to create a 1500-seat hall. I imagine the event will be signposted in the lobby of the convention center. The hall will be furnished with two bars for your alcoholic poisoning. The doors will open at 9pm. I will be wheeled onstage around 9.30pm. I believe the plan is to have me gonged offstage around midnight.

The event is free. It is my understanding that you do not need a convention ticket to enter. So, whether you’re attending the convention or not, you can show up for this and get in with no problems.

Important point. I will be smoking onstage. You will not be smoking in the convention center. This event has been categorised, believe it or not, as performance art. As having access to nicotine is essential to my performance, I have been accorded the right to smoke. You will all have to suffer.

The format for this appearance is Q&A. This is where I take questions from the audience, and then ramble on at length about five other things without even getting within the same zipcode as your actual question. So, there’s no prepared talk this time, it’s just me cueing off questions from the floor, telling stories, and pretending to dispense The Starry Wisdom while actually telling you nothing of worth or relevance.

I dunno. I might read a bit from something.

I think that’s it. We’re handling further queries on Whitechapel right now.

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