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Received Goods 12 June 08

I have to thank the people at Highpoint Lowlife for slipping me an advance copy of Funckarma’s Dubstoned EP1. It’s an evil, lurching, jagged piece of science fictional noise that shoves about eight different kinds of music into a centrifuge in order to spit out a life form configured for life in the last city on earth when the next ice age comes. Or something. Any fifteen second stretch of any one of the five tracks can include hip hop, crackle, 1983 videogame noises, industrial grind and dubstep mutations. It evokes the image of mad scientists doing live mixing with DNA. I like it.

I should also remind you that Highpoint Lowlife, being basically fine human beings, offer a lot of free download material of excellent quality. I would recommend anything by Tigrics to you, and would mention that, although I haven’t yet gotten around to listening, The Marcia Blaine School For Girls have been recommended to me by several people. So that’s your listening sorted out for today.

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  1. […] pre-ordered direct from the label Highpoint Lowlife on the recommendation of Warren Ellis and the good people hooked me up with the 320s right away. That’s what I call […]

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