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Peter Snow’s Swingometer

One of the classic props of British political broadcasting is the Swingometer, as driven by the, um, overstimulated broadcaster Peter Snow. Now, the BBC have created a digital Swingometer for webplay. British TV still has some genuine eccentricity in it, and Peter Snow and his bloody Swingometer make a perfect example.

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  1. […] Second Life seemed a great place to construct a homage to this perfect example of British eccentricity, so starting with nothing but a bare patch of land we constructed scripted 3D bar charts showing the seats won by each party, a revolving swingometer and a small army of blue, red and yellow soldiers representing the candidates battling it out in CGI Technicolor. With our work done we sat on the 3D bars and rode them in to the sky as the results came in, or stayed pretty close to the ground in my case. […]

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