This May Be The First Photo Of Martian Ice

June 2nd, 2008 | researchmaterial

The Phoenix Lander’s retrorockets (the nozzles of which are visible at the top of the shot) may have exposed ice.

7 Responses to “This May Be The First Photo Of Martian Ice”

  1. As long as it isn’t Vanilla Ice

  2. I really need to turn comments off.

  3. Can you imagine that? A whole planet of terrible hair cuts and suicide-inducing crap-rap. Suddenly War of the Worlds got that much more terrifying…

  4. Interesting. This might mean we could actually move to Mars, thought that’s probably gonna take a few hundred years I suppose. Unless terraforming is a lot easier than we’ve always imagined.

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  7. Why have I been curious to read the comments, first place? Silly me^^