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  1. His episodes Blink and the Girl In the Fire Place were stunning. Warren You should write a couple of episodes.

  2. Jim Valon Jim Valon

    That is good news. The last two episodes have been atrociously stupid and I don’t believe this season will pick up before it’s over.

  3. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    “You should write a couple of episodes.”

    That’s not quite how it works.

  4. Moffatin’ the TARDIS. Why not? He has done some very good work on the show, with a good blend of eerie and emotionally-accessible that’s hard to manage without it becoming campy. And I second Lee Gordon; I’d love to see a Warren Ellis ep.

  5. While this means that the episodes will be very well written, it also means that I will apparently be spending every Friday night under my bed come 2010. Stephen Moffat’s episodes (except “Girl in the Fireplace”) tend to wig me out something fierce.

    I’m not sure I want to see a Warren/Doctor Who episode, if only because I can’t see a love of modified genitals translating well to Doctor Who.

  6. Rob Rob

    “That’s not quite how it works.”

    New guv’nor = new rules. I reckon the Moff would be well up for it!

  7. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    “New guv’nor = new rules. I reckon the Moff would be well up for it!”

    No. In fact, Russell Davies was the comics fan. WHO is flagship British television, and uses only invited writers, most often experienced (if not award-winning) television scriptwriters.

  8. “You should write a couple of episodes.”

    “That’s not quite how it works.”

    Yeah, I know it doesn’t work that way, but one can dream and I’m sure you would write some great stuff for WHO.

  9. It does mean Moffat has less time to write scripts and RTD has more. Davis’ scripts are often the less well recieved (although still very good).

  10. Hopefully this will mean fewer awesome story arcs that end with a dance number and everybody on Earth praying for The Doctor. I know it’s a kids show, but Davies has done some really awful stuff.

  11. […] Warren Ellis and I don’t always agree on matters of TV, but we do agree that Steven Moffat taking over as head writer of Doctor Who is a very good thing. Comicmix points out that Moffat wrote “Blink” and “The Empty Child”, two of the best episodes of the run thus far. Moffat is also penning… ack, I hate that word: “penning.” Lets try this: Moffat is also scribblely marking (oh yeah) the upcoming TinTin movie that Steven Spielberg will turn into a maudlin piece of shite. […]

  12. George Mink George Mink

    Hey, Warren, I understand “That’s not how it works” as far as writing episodes for Doctor Who…but surely you could send a little proposal for a small Arc to IDW publishing, or even Doctor Who Magazine.
    Personally, I’d like to see the Doctor visit colonial America, or Revolution ary War America. The Doctor at the Boston Tea Party? could be interesting? The Doctor meets Ben Franklin. Team up to battle some Aliens, by weaponizing the Glass Armonica? They could battle the mad doctor Franz Mesmer,who could be attempting to use Franklin’s Armonica, and some sort of Magnetics to hypnotize the the people of earth? Could be very interesting.
    Maybe helping Franklin prove Lightning is Electricity by using the famous key tied to the kite string being he key to the TARDIS, and attatched to the Tardis itself, which is in need of a recharge. It could be a temporal plasma storm, or something, or even involving some alien composed of electricity.
    Lastly, I think it would be great if the Doctor could visit the Ancient Maya or Inca Peoples. Pre colonial Yucatan Peninsula, and Andes Mountains. Possibly the Nazca Plains, your imagination could come up with a great story behind the Nazca lines, yes? We know you’re capable, Doom 2099 proved that to me, sir.
    –George Mink III

  13. Warren Ellis Warren Ellis

    1) Never put story ideas on this blog.

    2) I’m work-for-hire exclusive to Marvel. This means I’ve had to turn down things like, yes, DOCTOR WHO comics.

  14. George Mink George Mink

    No kidding? I had no Idea you were Marvel exclusive as far as Work for Hire is concerned.
    Are story posting story Idea Taboo? Pretentious to suggest? Or is it for reasons concerning idea theft? I’m still in the process of learning these things, so forgive me, as I am in constant need of enlightenment.
    Thanks for the tolerance…

    George Mink III
    Philadelphia PA

  15. Seven Muffins? I couldn’t possibly eat seven muffins. Although I find it hard to picture the seven of them working together effectively, I think season 5 will be the best yet.

  16. Mike McElwee Mike McElwee

    Just out of curiosity Warren, what would you do with the Doctor if you were given the chance to write a Doctor Who story (whether it be a comic or a tv script). I know it’s highly unlikely to happen but I ask from a speculative point of view.

  17. Blurg Blurg

    Didn’t they ask J.K. Rowling to write an episode for the third season of Who? Jesus Christ…

    Moffat is a good step up, but until Tennant either leaves or learns to act I think I’m going to continue to slowly lose interest.

  18. uncle joe mccarthy uncle joe mccarthy

    fuck ellis writing for who, i want him to stage a coup in the states and take over as show runner for heroes…that cocksucker kring has no fucking clue

  19. George Mink III George Mink III


    DO you really think that would be the case. While Moffat was the head writer he wrote more episodes than anyone else. I pray he will be relegated to two-3 episodes per seires max.
    Who wrote the “family of blood” and “Human Nature?” There was a damn good writer. I love those over the top villains. I also agree that Tennant should take his leave, but I also wish this series would last for at least ten years, and with only three regenerations left, that sorta limits things….
    I actually enjoy Tennant as an actor, I don’t know, maybe it’s because I’m an unenlightened American.
    Someone mentioned their distain for the last two episodes….are you refering to the Sontaran dust off, or the Doctor’s daughter and “The Unicorn and the Wasp.” I actually enjoyed every one of them, although, that “Doctor’s Daughter ” Episode made me nauseous once or twice, espicially when they didn’t give her her a proper regeneration. I suppose they have that actress under contract for a return appearance. On top of that there’s always the “oh, look a buxom blond, who can do back flips through laser beams”! They really know how to cater to us so called “fanboys”, don’t they? Hot girl, with ample breasts a a big gun…sigh.

  20. Blurg Blurg

    I’m an American, and I can’t stand Tennant. His whole shtick is to be the big goofy wacky timey-wimey nerdcruft guy that suddenly turns around and YELLS HOW ANGRY HE IS! LOOK HOW ANGRY I AM I AM YELLING AND SCOWLING! Oh look now I am hoppity hoppiting on one foot! Now let me cry over Rose, a companion who left two seasons ago. Give me a break.

    He was chosen because he is a pretty face to draw in girls (and for Russell T. Davies to sigh over). I remember reading that he was their initial choice for the Doctor when the show returned, but in the end Eccleston beat him out. Which is good because if we had had Tennant instead of Eccleston’s genius to relaunch the show I don’t think it would have gone as well.

  21. George Mink III George Mink III

    Hasn’t that sort of thing been the staple of Doctor Who since nearly the beginning? Every doctor has a personality unto himself. The only Doctor who I truly disliked was Colin Baker’s Doctor. Small wonder he only lasted a little over a year. I rather enjoy Tennants take on the character, although I do see where you are coming from. I am growing rather bored with having at least one tragic monologue each episode with that sad backround music playing. But I like the bipolar nature of the thenth doctor. These guys must be doing something right, otherwise we wouldn’t be talking about the show at all, would we. I really think this show is one of the best relauches ever. That new Captain Scarlett show is a close second, if it doesn’t beat Doctor Who out all together. Anyway, I’m sticking with this show as long as it runs, and I hope it runs another forty years

  22. Rand Rand

    Maybe the Doctor can go back in time and fix our time’s most unjust travesty, the George W. Bush presidency?

  23. George Mink III George Mink III


    Funny-Interesting, that suggestion. Begs many a provocative question: Would 9-11 have occurred? Would we have gone to war anyway? Would David Icke have been left with nothing to talk about? Would The Doctor have teemed up with Ralph Nader? Would Nader force the Doctor to equip the TARDIS with seatbelts? Maybe David Icke should play the next Doctor? Maybe Ralph Nader should Play the new Doctor?

  24. Natalie Natalie

    I’d love to see a Warren Ellis (and/or Neil Gaiman or Jonathan Lethem — his “Omega the Unknown” is a trip — or Connie Willis) Doctor Who episode. “The Empty Child” was an exceptionally good story; it evoked real emotion. I think Moffat will do a good job in whatever capacity he’s involved with the Doctor.

  25. Lauren Lauren

    The Horse Witch is in The girl In The Fire Place episode .
    Well That white Horse Is Mine . His Name Is Calleddd Tonto.

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