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Steve Burnett’s Grinder Goggles

I get handmade goggles from Atome Fabrik in the UK, and recently ordered the standard goggles in the XL size as a counterpart to the glacier goggles that I acquired last fall. Because the standard and XL goggles come with a free accessory of clear slides to insert over the lenses I asked him to print me a pair of slides with the Grinder logo.

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  1. The glacier goggles came with dark lenses for rarely-needed daytime wear, the XLs I ordered clear for Dremel/other safety needs and for street performances of theremin after dark when smoked lenses get in the way.

  2. nice one Steve!

  3. George Mink George Mink

    where can I get these and how much do they cost???

  4. George Mink III George Mink III

    Would these things fit over my perscription glasses, or what? What use would i have for them aside from lookin like a weirdo?

  5. cool

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