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  1. RMC RMC

    The very essence of cool, it would appear. Your rocket crashes and you make a martini “to steady the nerves, what?” Anyone know if there were alot of these stories? Google is being a tart at the moment, for some reason.

  2. RMC: sorry, there are as yet no such stories. This was just a cover homage to the pulps I devoured as a kid. It’s sort of a daily tragedy to me that Doc Savage remains locked in literary and cinematic limbo. A bit of therapy, this was.

  3. The image is great, but that was an OUTSTANDING choice in typography. Great logo.

  4. David David

    Hey Derek, how does the pipe get through the glass?

  5. RMC RMC

    Too good to be true then. I love it though, Derek. Nice one.

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