Cup Of Brown Joy

May 8th, 2008 | music

This has been doing the rounds, so I apologise if you’ve seen it. But you need to see it. Credits at the end of the video.

12 Responses to “Cup Of Brown Joy”

  1. That’s… huh.

  2. hahahaha, sweet jesus, the pith helmet really pushes it over the top for me

  3. Not half as good a track about tea and biscuits as ‘Munchies’ by Braintax.

    Doesn’t seem to be a full version of that online but there’s an extract here:

  4. Exhibit B:

  5. If it weren’t for the fact he has milk in his tea, that man would be my soul mate :)


  6. I think I’ve been reading your blog too long. When I saw the title of this post, “Cup of Brown Joy”, I pre-cringed as I clicked the link, expecting to see said cup enthusiastically enjoyed by two girls, or some such.

    Thank you for lowering my expectations, Warren.

  7. heh.. I’ll second that Anon comment above, we’ve been too primed by other title posts that have been much more innocuous with far more horrible stuff lurking behind them^^

  8. LOL verrry brrritish. :D

  9. LOVE IT! this has become my favorite song! i watch the video everyday before going to work. birghtens up the whole of the rest of my day. its damn near perfect

  10. Mr Ellis,
    I’m extremely pleased and honoured that our little videograph has found its way into your hands.

    sincere regards
    Moog (the)

  11. Moog, it’s a fucking brilliant job.

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