9 Responses to “Oh God, It’s Friday”

  1. Well, at least he’s wearing pants…

  2. i think in the world of tron, the lines on his suit would have been drawn with a wacom tablet, as opposed to blue marker…

  3. He’s smiling and he hasn’t cut himself. Out here we call that high-functioning.

    And his tubing glows…..

  4. That’s the tron guy. He’s an internet celebrity. Leave him alone.


  5. It’s the nipplage that makes it work. No question!

  6. Now that i have seen that, i can’t unsee it.

    Thanks a lot, you bastard

  7. Ah yes, the locals… Welcome to Minnesota.

  8. Some people just should NOT wear Spandex.

  9. Hey, he gave me one of my first USENET feeds back in the pre-Interweb days when most of you feebs were trying to figure out how to dial into a BBS! Cut him some slack, already!