Sara Gries

April 24th, 2008 | people I know

"brass, cut by hand, attached precariously to a jacket. just to see if i could."



5 Responses to “Sara Gries”

  1. Man, that’s very cool. I think you should commission limited edition FreakAngels jackets for the launch of the first trade or something. Take advantage of your busy and bizarre fanbase. Is there a store attached to the comic site yet?

  2. Very neat. I experimented on making designs on aluminum things by stenciling a protective coating onto them, copper plating the exposed metal and then taking the coating of. Maybe I’ll do my MP3 player up with a FreakAngels logo.

  3. Hand-cut brass? Holy shit. :O

  4. That’s lovely. But I’d really like to see it on a satchel or a laptop bag. Hmm …

  5. Seconded on the bag thing. I’d love to have that design on my messenger style laptop bag.